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Universal was started in 1960 by Naim Tarazi, a Palestinian Christian from the Old City of Jerusalem whose focus was to provide a genuine pilgrimage service that highlighted, not only the sites of religion but also the life and culture of Palestinian Christians. Due to the special circumstances that have held the Holy Land as a most sacred, controversial yet interesting destination, Universal has grown to a full service travel agency that provides specialized programs consolidating what the Holy Land has to offer to all its guests and visitors as well as its locals.

Our customized and unique programs can be tailored to groups, families or individuals. Our client base includes travelers, travel agencies, churches, universities, clubs, international and local institutions and the local community.

Our vision
To provide a service with difference and aiming to enrich peoples’ lives through our travel experiences, while promoting justice and understanding through different encounters with the locals.

Our Mission
We aim to make your experience unforgettable and to ensure that you will return with us for a new and different experience. Meeting the people and experiencing the country on a more personal and responsible manner.


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