What we do for Charity...! In Palestine we are doing whatever it takes to reach the world's most vulnerable people of the Holy Land. We’re helping and protecting childhoods , blind and disabled people and help them to go to school or complete meaningful activities. We’re constantly monitoring the situation of those people and act rapidly when an emergency strikes. It is obvious that we need budgets to achieve this. You could help us with small amounts, for example, by counting the footsteps you made during your trip in the Holy Land. One example: Excursion in Jerusalem during a full day - 4.24 km (4240meters - 5 euro cent  per meter) =  22.50 euro?

Try to find out your footsteps in Jerusalem or the Holy Land by clicking on the map below and see the total distance of the trip you made. Later you can decide how much you are willing to donate for each kilometer. Zoom in or out to see more/less of the Holy Land.



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