Enjoy the mystical land of Egypt, a cradle of civilization. Explore the hidden gems of Egypt and have enjoy the possibility of having a short stay at one of the many resort areas along the red Sea or even enjoy a cruise down the Nile River.



Have an exploration trip tot he Holy Land complimented with a recreational trip to the Greece,  and enjoy 2 very distinct worlds,each with its unique characteristics. Conduct your pilgrimage in the foot steps of Jesus and the oppostles



Done independantly or as an extension to the Holy Land, Jordan has many diverse places to explore. Exploring some of the most intact Roman ruins, discover the magnificence of Petra and  explore Bedouin hospitality in Wadi Rum.



The chance to explore the sites, cultures and spirit of the Holy Land and Russia. A trip that combines the aspects of pilgrimage, liesure and exploration in these two very distinct regions


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