Our Community

It is of utmost importance to be involved with the community and provide support when and how it is needed. Universal emphasizes this by supporting many local initiatives that promote social justice, community integration and support to those in need.

Summer Camps -  Summer camp support
Marginalized Groups -  Peace Center for the Blind
Marginalized Groups - Four homes of Mercy
Schools - Rawdat Al Zuhoor School
Social Clubs - Orthodox Club
Ecumenical - Sabeel
Marginalized Groups -  Nakhleh Esheber

Marginalized Groups  - Nakhleh Esheber

Nakhleh Esheber: A mobile theatre production made in 1986 and continue to this day and providing interactive and entertaining performance for children in villages, refugee camps, Bedouin enclaves, etc. The performances is used in campaigns to raise awareness about various elements including children’s and Human rights, right to education, reading campaigns, saving water, morals and ethics and can be designed to fit any specific theme.



UTA also emphasizes local networking with providers and organizations and has participated in several workshops and networking mechanisms to highlight the Holy Land as a unique, specialized and desirable destination.

Other initiatives:
Welfare Association

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