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Naim Tarazi

Mr. Tarazi was born and raised in the Old City of Jerusalem. Throughout his childhood and youth, he served the Orthodox church of St. Jacob’s at the Holy Sepulchure and was alter boy until he joined the choir. Later he became the treasurer of St. Jacob’s and was the leader of the Choir. You can hear him now at St. Elias Church on Sunday.


After graduating from Terra Santa School in Jerusalem, and as a young man, he worked on installing electricity and power to many parts of the Old City that had none, including the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque. He had also worked in Qatar on installation and operations of telephone lines, until he went to the United States and returned in 1954 with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.


Upon his return, and due to his faith and love for his country and city of Jerusalem, he purchased a Dodge Plymouth and started his journey in tourism with day trips to Petra which lead to the establishment of Universal Tourist Agency at its current location at 42 Salah Eddin Street.  

Margo Tarazi

Born and raised in Jerusalem. Margo is a Graduate of Schmidt’s Girl College at Damascus Gate. Margo is fluent 5 languages and has lived in Greece where she received her degree in Business Administration and marketing as well as the Netherlands where she worked for Cisco.


As a fun, reliable and sociable team member at Universal, Margo is open-minded, direct and outgoing and focuses on presenting the Holy Land and Universal at travel shows around the world, while supervising operations and Human resources. Be sure that Margo, will add that special part you are seeking in your trip.


Samer Tarazi

Born and raised in Jerusalem. Samer graduated from St George’s College in Jerusalem and then departed to the USA where he studied at Bluffton College in OH, USA and then received his University degree in International Business Administration and European Studies from the University of Charleston, SC, USA. During his stay in the USA, Samer also gained various experiences at the National Bank of Kuwait in New York.


After completing his education and returning to Jerusalem, Samer Joined Universal but due to the lack of incoming visitors, he decided to enter into various fields which included NGO’s, UN Agencies, the European Commission as well as doing theatre for Children and supporting charities.


Creativity is what drives Samer, and with his gained experiences you can find him meeting with a very important client while delivering a lost suitcase on the way because multi-tasking and networking a two very important elements to our work.


Stelios Odeh

Born and raised in Jerusalem. Stelios lives in the Old City of Jerusalem close to his mother who is originally from Cyprus. He also speaks several languages and has gained his vast experiences while working at hotels such as Gloria, Knights Palace and others in Jerusalem. 


Stelios brings professionalism, punctuality and the ability to provide any satisfactory product to the client. He has also lived in Germany and worked at internationally acclaimed hotels there as well. Be sure to ask Stelios about specials, extras, flights and the like.


Ylena Dekareva

Born and raised in Moscow. Ylena is a mother of 3 and arrived to Jerusalem with her Palestinian husband in 2000. She is an agile and informative person and is vigilant to maintain service to our clients. Ylena has an arts background with a degree from the School of dance in Moscow.


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