Wheelchair Accessible Tour

This tour is designed for persons with disabilities (PwD). Whether you are a small family requiring a van with an access ramp or a large bus that can accommodate 12 wheelchairs at a time, you will be able to access all the desired site and places you are interested in. We can also provide all the required equipment


Christmas Pilgrimage

Experience a different Christmas, one that takes you where it all started, in the little town of Bethlehem. Participate in the celebrations that have been persistantly followed by the living


Lutheran Pilgrimage

Discover the healing work at Augusta Victoria, climb the tower at the Lutheran Church of the Redeamer and enjoy your accommodation at the German Pilgerhaus in Tabgha. You can even arrange your visit during the Olive Harvest


Catholic Pilgrimage

Come follow the footsteps of Christ, where your journey will bring you closer to Jesus and will allow you to rediscover the roots of your faith. On the other hand you can strengthen your passions of being a bridge for peace and reconciliation by meeting...


Greek Orthodox Pilgrimage

explore the eastern church, receive blessings from his beatitude and meet the Living Stones, the Palestinian Christians who have lived in the land since the earliest days of the church.  Wether you are here to participate in the celebrations of Christmas or join us for Easter week. We can make special arrangments


Russian Orthodox Pilgrimage

Russian Orthodox Pilgrimage: 7 nights / 8 days



Islamic Pilgrimage

To a Muslim, a visit to Jerusalem and to the Maqamat of the prophets is a sacred task. whether you are in need of a visa or are coming on an extension on your Hajj to  maqamat in Jordan or your Hajj to Mekka, we will be able to provide you with the services you need. you can also expand your visit to include


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