About Tiberias

Tiberias is a large town located on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee/Lake Kinneret in the north of Holy Land.


The Story of Tiberias
Herod Antipas, son of Roman-Jewish King of Judea, Herod the Great, founded Tiberias in the year 20 CE and made it his capital. It was named after Roman Emperor Tiberius
Jesus, the Apostles and the Crusades That Followed
Jesus Christ and the 12 Apostles worked in and around Tiberias in the years following its establishment. Many of the miracles as described in the New Testament occurred in close proximity to the city, and beautiful churches now stand along the shores of the Sea of Galilee at testament. Among them are the Church of the Primacy in Tabgha – where Jesus revealed himself to seven of the Apostles; and the Church of Multiplication – where the miracle of loaves and fishes occurred.
During the First Crusade, almost 1,000 years ago, Tiberias was taken by the Franks and given to Norman prince, Tancred. The Church of the Primacy was built at this time.
Since, Pilgrims from all nations have visited The Holy Land and have followed in The Lord’s footsteps. More than half a million pilgrims visit Tiberias each year, making it a popular and important religious center.
The Sea of Galilee and Tiberias are home to some of the holiest Christian sites, with plenty of stories, antiquities and baptism sites scattered throughout the region.
Tiberias is one of the Four Jewish Holy Cities
Tiberias was significant in Jewish history as the place where the Jerusalem Talmud was composed and as the home of the Masoretes, but its status as a holy city is due to the influx of rabbis who established the city as a center for Jewish learning in the 18th and 19th centuries. According to Jewish tradition, the redemption will begin in Tiberias and the Sanhedrin will be reconstituted there.The Messiah will arise from the lake of Tiberias, enter into the city, and be enthroned at Safed on the summit of a lofty hill
Tiberias Hot Springs
Tiberias is surrounded by 17 natural thermo-mineral hot springs. These springs have been known to cure various skin conditions, and have been mentioned in many early documentations of the city, especially during the Arab conquest of Tiberias, before the First Crusade
Geography and Climate

Tiberias is located between the shore and the slopes of Sea of Galilee, between the elevation of -200 to 200 meters. Tiberias has a climate that borders a Hot-summer Mediterranean climate  and a Hot Semi-arid climate with an annual precipitation of about 400 mm (15.75 in) The summers in Tiberias are very hot with an average maximum temperature of 36C (97F) and average minimum temperature of 21C (70F) in July and August. The winters are mild with temperatures ranging from 18C to 8C (65F and 46F). Extremes have ranged from 0 to 46C (32F to 115F).





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