Tours in Holy Land

The Holy Land has many faces to show, you just need to know which faces you would like to see while you are here. So, when touring the Holy Land there are many things for you to consider such as when to visit, what to see, where to stay and many other factors that we can assist you with. At Universal we focus on your desires and needs and will work with you throughout your planning and preparation stages as well as during your journey.


Variety ... Variety ... Variety...

Tours can be designed to fit any program, age group, and budget. You can review some tours on the right by selecting the desired theme. If you have a specific tour or program in mind, please do not hesitate to communicate your wishes so we can tailor your tour accordingly.


What kind of visitor are you...

* Pilgrims of all faiths and denominations as well as interfaith experience
* Students Christianity, Islam and Judaism
* Students of history, political science, Social sciences (Suitable for any field of studies)
* Special interest groups with the opportunity of twinning with local institutions
* Official delegations requiring comprehensive and planned programs
* Families with children seeking a program of fun and exploration
* Friends and family here to celebrate a special occasion like a wedding or baptism
* Individual travelers looking to combine some tour days with independent exploration
* Extensions to neighboring countries

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